The main purpose of this project is to enable people like yourself to use hypnosiss a primary tool in making desired life changes. Whether at home (home visits available in Perth Scotland , Crieff and Auchterarder), in my practice or via E-Hypnotherapy I will help you achieve your goals; used techniques range from traditional Direct Suggestion, Regression, CBT (Hypnotic), NLP, Self-Hypnosis, and Simulations (Hypnotic).  

In case of any questions fill in the ‘Initial Contact Form’ or call me for free consultation.

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Rafal Ciupa BA, DIP.AH, GQHP, GHR(Reg.)




Where to start?

Firstly, discuss your problem with me. Fill in the 'Initial Contact Form' or call me on WhatsApp for a free consultation. I will be able to advise you on what to do next and answer any questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, used techniques and future treatments.
Please note that home visits are available in Perth Scotland and surrounding areas.

How to pay for your session?
To pay for your treatment, simply book it online or pay by card after the session.  


Anxiety and Associated Conditions

Anxiety is the new silent killer of our generation. Needless to say, hypnosis can completely eradicate anxiety. My treatment will help you to feel like yourself again. I can promise you that you won’t be controlled by the anxiety anymore nor you will have to carry its burden with you. If you are suffering from anxiety or one of the associated conditions than please contact me today. 

“I suffered from anxiety since I can remember. Over time anxiety started to control every aspect of my life. Because of a breakup with my partner my big black dog grew bigger and stronger. I was not able to sleep, eat or think rationally. I was in pieces. I was recommended hypnotherapy by a friend of mine who suffered from OCD in the past and hypnosis worked for her. After doing some research I decided to try it out. I won’t deny that sessions were hard, and it took a lot of work from Raf to help me but now the anxiety is gone and I am in control of my life again. Massive thank you!”


Is your mind constantly occupied by negative thoughts while in bed? Are you not able to get to sleep? Are you waking up in the middle of the night with no reason whatsoever? Do you suffer from sleepwalking, night terrors or nightmares? Well, look no further. Hypnosis and my unique approach to Insomnia can help you to sleep again.

“I was waking up in the middle of the night without any particular reason. Needless to say, I was tired, crabby and my boyfriend had enough of me. After very few sessions with I am sleeping like a baby. Thank you!” 

Vaping/Smoking Cessation

Have you tried everything to quit smoking by now? Patches, gums, nasal sprays? Nothing worked? Also, spending £60 a week for cigarettes is a bit much for you by now? The good news is that I can help. The bad news is that you must be ready to quit smoking. So no more excuses or half measures. Use hypnosis  to quit smoking within days! Typical smoking cessation consists of 2 sessions for a moderate smoker. Oh, you can stop vaping as well as the procedure is exactly the same. 

“I smoked 25 plus cigarettes every day for the last 30 years. After 3 sessions with, I stopped smoking completely. Cravings and the urge are gone. It is like smoking never existed before. Absolutely brilliant.”

Weight Loss (inc. Virtual Gastric Band)

How does it work? I will trick your subconscious mind into believing that there is a physical gastric band “fitted” around the upper part of your stomach. Consequently, Virtual Gastric Band is as effective as the physical one. The only difference is that Virtual Gastric Band is 100% safer, cheaper and more effective than a physical one and you can adjust it anytime with the help of a hypnotherapist. So if you want to lose weight, stop overeating, “eating yourself to sleep” or want to end the habit of eating junk food before going to bed than allow me to help you. Typical Virtual Gastric Band treatment consists of 2-3 sessions plus one follow up to make necessary adjustments. However, if you wish not to use Virtual Gastric Band than I can work on your diet and daily calories intake.

“Half of stone in 2 weeks! I am simply amazed by the change in my eating pattern. The best part of it is that I don’t even think about food anymore. Thank you!!!” 


I am fully registered and recognised by the appropriate Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK governing body (GHR, GHSC) as  well as fully vetted (PVG Scheme-Adults) for your safety and confidentiality.

I am providing home visits in Perth area inc. Crieff, Auchterarder and surrounding areas.

 I don't store your credit card details and your case file will be permanently deleted upon your request.